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Overview of Python Web Development Online Course

Today every business is trying to make its presence felt by hosting its products on the web or mobile-based apps. This has made it possible for them to reach customers across the globe. As a result of this, the sales and profits of these companies have increased. This has created a great demand for Full stack web developers.

As a full-stack web developer can handle the complete application by self. This provides customers with a pleasant experience of using the apps. So these companies are now on a constant lookout for skilled full-stack developers. This has given rise to an increase in salary that is offered to these full-stack web developers. The average salary earned by a full stack web developer is 6 lakhs per annum. This Python Web Development Course will help you in building your chat-bots or similar AI-based applications.

Full Stack Online Course

Full Stack online course is a specially designed course for all developers who want to start or divert their career to a new web development path. This course will train you to develop any web or mobile-based applications. You will be able to design a user-friendly application as a Full-Stack web developer in an efficient manner. This Full Stack development course will train you in front-end and back-end technologies. You will be dealing with technologies like Python, HTML, JavaScript, Database, CSS, Networking tools.

This Full Stack Development course will also cover different tools you can use t optimize the performance, troubleshooting issues, and collaborate with other platforms. This course will also help you understand different components used for developing a web-based application and how they interact with each other. It will master you to create an end-to-end web or mobile application.

You will get to work on several LIVE projects, which are examples taken from industries. Also, we will teach you some basic hacking and cyber security so that you will be able to provide a more secure back-end system. This course is designed keeping in mind the needs of the industries. This course is also for any fresher who is just starting their career as a web developer.

Full Stack Web Development course with Python

Any web-or mobile-based applications mainly have 2 different types of components, namely Front-end and back-end. The front-end component is used to create a user interface (Face of the application). In contrast, back-end tools are used to support back-end operations like validation, computation on the data received from the front-end systems.

The front-end part of the applications that handle the client-side is usually developed using HTML and CSS tools. The back-end part of the applications that handle the server-side is usually developed using programming languages like Python, PHP, etc. As a full-stack developer, you will learn front-end and back-end tools in this Full Stack Development Online Training in Python.

Course Module

As a part of this module, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of programming in C.We and cover the basic concept of Object-Oriented programming using C++. We will also be covering fundamental knowledge about Database Management systems and how to manipulate the data.
In this module, you will learn about the working principle of a web application. You will also be introduced to the common terminologies used during the course. Also, it will introduce you to the world of HTML and CSS. As a practice, you will also be working to build your first website, which will give you a feel for this topic.
In this module, you will be learning about HTML(Hypertext markup language), which is used to define the web application structure. CSS(Cascading Style sheet) is used to define the style like font type, size, and other website attributes. You will also be working on practice assignments at the end.
About 90% of the web applications available today use JS to enhance the application’s functionality. So in this module, you will be learning how to make a website dynamic using JS. You will be studying looping, functions, and different type of data types available.
Python is the most popular programming language used among Front stack developers. Also, the syntax in Python is simple to understand and implement. Here in this module, we will guide you about the installation of Python software. You will also be learning about using functions, lists, modules, dictionary, and debugging in Python. You will also be studying how to install a package and parse a spreadsheet in Windows. This module will ensure that all your fundamentals of Python are strong. This will make you capable enough to start working on assignments as part of this module. You will also be able to develop a web application while working in any company at the end of this module.
In this module, you will learn how to handle MySQL and MongoDB databases. You will be learning how to create a connection, performing a transaction, and handling errors in the database.
In this module, you will be studying Django framework concepts Url mapping, templates, models, and forms. You will also be learning how to create a database connection using MySQL and MongoDB. You will also be studying different filters in the template and forms creation process.
This is an essential tool to work in sync with a team. This will help us to keep track of the various changes made by different developers working on the same applications. In this module, you will be learning about the GIT framework to manage the different versions of the applications. At the end of every module, there will be a quiz designed by our instructors to assess your progress. You would also have to work on projects after each module to give you a practical understanding of the concepts covered.

Why choose Python Training in Pune?

Python Training in Pune provides the best Full Stack Developer course. We have 10 years of experience in training students for different software technologies. We are expertise in providing training to freshers, working professionals, and corporates. We offer Online as well as Classroom modes of learning. We have our centres located at Pimple Saudagar & Deccan Road.

We have conducted 1000+ training batches and 50+ corporate training. We have 1000+ students placed at major IT giants across the globe. We are tied up with 300+ companies for placement requirements. We have a team of certified experts having 8-10 years of industry experience. These trainers have systematically designed the Full Stack Web Development course to meet the industry’s growing demands. We know that software always keeps updating, so does our curriculum to include any new release change in the technology. You also get free lifetime access to the material once you enroll with us. Also, we offer you flexible batch timings as per your convenience. In case if you miss a class, you can attend the same with the next upcoming batch.

Python Training in Pune offers a LIVE interactive session for Full Stack Developer Training. This will give you a chance to solve your doubts during the session itself. Also, the instructors will guide you for software installation. This will help you with practical learning. Practical implementation of coding exercises during the class will help you in a better understanding of the technology.
At the end of the course, you will be working independently on a real LIVE industry project to give you exposure to industry culture. Also, a regular quiz will be taken to assess the performance of every student. After completing the course, you will be awarded a Completion Certificate that increases your credibility while appearing for any job interview.

At Python Training in Pune, you will have a dedicated team to assist you with placement opportunities. We will prepare you for the Aptitude exams conducted by different companies as an entry exam for placements. Mock interviews will be conducted to prepare you to face an interview. Also, we will help you in sharpening your soft skills with our free communication skills workshops.

Advantages of Python Web Development

Ease of use

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Build more functions with fewer lines of code

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Easy to build prototypes

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Python web development is flexible

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Low cost web development tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

Python is the most versatile programming language that can be used to build any software or web-based applications. It has a simple syntax and, thus, easy to learn and implement. It is easy to handle structured and unstructured data. Python is a flexible language that can be used along with JavaScript and C languages to provide an entire web development stack. The average salary earned by a full stack web developer is 6 lakhs per annum.
The amount of time needed depends on the no of hours you can dedicate in a day. It also depends on the experience level of any individual. On average, you may need a minimum of 3-4 months to learn Full Stack Web Development Course Online in Python.
Any fresher or graduate can start this Python Full Stack Online Training. No prior experience of working in Python is necessary. However, any experience of working in the IT industry or any background in IT is an advantage.

Features of Python Training in Pune

• Certified expert Trainers
• Flexible Batch schedules
• LIVE interactive online sessions
• Systematically designed curriculum
• Free lifetime access to study content
• Assistance in Software Installation
• Theoretical+Practical training
• Quiz at the end of every module
• Regular coding assignments
• LIVE industry projects
• 100% placement assistance
• Mock interviews
• Communication skill workshop

Python Training in Pune is specialized in providing classroom-based as well as online modes of training. Get the advantage of our specialized labs by enrolling yourself in classroom-based learning from our experienced trainers. Also, we conduct interactive LIVE sessions with our instructors during Online Training. Also, we guide you with instructions for necessary software installation to not miss our specialized labs. Our Online training has gained popularity during the break of the COVID pandemic.
As per a recent market survey, there is a 10-15% growth in demand for Full Stack Web Developers with Python. The industries need trained and skilled web developers to provide a complete solution for web development. The average salary for a Full Stack Web Developer with Python is 6 lakhs per annum. These web developers are always in the good books of their managers as they are flexible and easily adapt to changes.


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